“You are the sprinkles on my ice cream”

My sweet tooth was well prepared a month in advance for some yummy tastings at the Ice Cream Museum in L.A. Being an ice cream nut, I can assure you this visit has long waited. icecream26If you haven’t already heard, the ice cream museum is an art installation with pop art like themes from room to room.  It first started in New York City opening up for 45 days and the tickets sold out leaving hundreds on the waiting list. From there, the word spread like fire. The demand increased tremendously.  icecream7.jpgThe museum was brought in L.A. and there, too it was sold out. Since it’s opened, the tickets have been extended. Be warned that you cannot go to the ice cream museum without purchasing the tickets ahead of time.

Buy here: https://www.museumoficecream.com/tickets/icecream4As both an ice cream and a museum lover, I can definitely understand the need for it. Walking from room to room had me excited. icecream6I felt I was a little girl part of the Katy Perry’s song “California Girls”. Pops of pinks, soft pastel colors, graphics and patterned wallpapers was a picture perfect California feel. I had a couple of favorites. I liked the wallpaper patterns on this wall in the photo above. icecream14This Mint mochi ice cream was my favorite tasting out of all of their samples. icecream25Oh, and the gummy bears as well.icecream16

And the coolest part was the vid gif maker.

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