Hitting Mid-30’s.

I’m officially in my mid 30’s. I think I was nervous a couple of days ago thinking about it. I’ve read most articles about things you should or shouldn’t do by the time you’re at a certain age. I’ve also pondered about certain things that I’ve done in the past of what I should think where I should be in my life by now. Although, I came to realize that most of these things don’t apply to me. Should, would or could are all irrelevant. santorini-7055You wonder why? I’m also asking the same exact question. Let’s see, for one, most people my age are thinking about family, having babies or get married. There’s the pressure of “time” that I do not agree with. Whether you want to have babies, get married or be single I think it is completely up to the individual. Dad will hate me for saying this here. lol


Let’s get real. What I really look forward to are the simplest pleasures. Travel, go to a museum and do things that make me happy. I know what you’re thinking, you can do that with a significant other, family or friends. You’re not wrong.


Every individual has wants and needs. It’s up to you to accommodate for it or not. For now, I am content with my life without the noise.

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