A Morning Wake Up Call

Mum and Dad enjoy their morning walks. They’re one of those who has their usual walking paths in various places near their home and I always love tagging along because the places they go to never disappoint.   

We came early in the morning at the Laguna Niguel Park. We stopped at the gate, waiting in line to pay for the parking fee approx. $5-10. Not bad. As we entered, we parked and stretched before we started our walk.


It seems there’s already a good amount of people at the park. I looked around, the park was a good size open field. The lawns were perfectly trimmed, the grass and trees looked healthy with its colors exuding lush green. I thought they did a great job in taking care of this place.

We made our way around the lake. As we walked through the park, the sound of the birds & geese while walking and seeing the glimpse of the lake through the shrubs was the epitome of mother nature. I instantly felt at ease, peaceful and calm. I really could stay here all morning.

For some, they can stay here all day. The park has picnic tables, bbq grills and even, spots to fish (check for limitations). There’s something for everyone here depending on what you wish to do.


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