3-Day Weekend Bits

Who’s excited for this long weekend? ME! Not because I’m going anywhere exciting except hang with the fam bam and maybe a few beach sesh depending on the weather. However, having to finally get some break from work is definitely needed. In the last few months, I’ve been buried with work and often times taking on overtime workload on the weekends. Finally, it’s paying off as I’ve been promoted as of today to take on a new position with my current job. Woohoo!You see, when I was first hired I was taking on a role that was opposite of what I dreamt I would be doing. Thinking back now I always ask myself if there were any signs that could’ve predicted what this path was like ahead of time. Nope. There was really no way to know what the nature of the position is like until I actually started.


Yes, the last 3 months have been full of ups and downs. I was definitely through a lot of aggravation and disappointments. Although, now I’m happy with where my path is heading.

Sometimes, you really have to fight for what you want. Otherwise, nothing will happen unless you speak up and make it known. I definitely thank my experience from living abroad for teaching me to be assertive. Living in Italy taught me those skills because I was put in situations where I didn’t speak the language in a new country and where I didn’t know a single soul.

Here’s to the weekend.


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