Con Mama

I woke up today and found my inbox filled of Mother’s Day messages. From flower graphics, Mothers Day headlines, to social media posts, I was reminded that I had a lunch date with my folks today to celebrate Mother’s Day.

As someone who doesn’t celebrate any sort of holidays in general, I was looking forward in trying out the Italian restaurant called Taverna Pizzeria and Risotteria in Laguna Beach that dad picked out for us. Let it be known that he’s the one in the family with a refined and empeccable taste for food and clothes. Therefore, it came in no surprise that I enjoyed my dish.Our reservation was made for 2pm. We made our way to the restaurant and we arrived 30 min. early; only to find out that the place was extremely busy. I’m glad mom had made reservations days in advance as people seemed to have the same idea about celebrating Mother’s Day today at Taverna.

Taverna Pizzeria and Risotteria is located on Ocean Ave. in the heart of downtown Laguna Beach. A Dallas based company that opened last year in February replacing what used to be the Laguna Federal Savings and Loan building. Today, they had a special Mother’s Day menu with 2 main dish options of a “Filet Mignon” and “Shrimp and Lobster Lasagnetta”. Neither appealed to my taste buds, therefore, I opted for the Taglioni Scampi with shrimp, garlic, white wine, tomatoes, lemon capers and butter sauce. I was hesitant about the food portion of my dish because in U.S. the portions are generally bigger in compare to the food portions in Europe. However, my order at Taverna was just right.

IMG_4995I came to the restaurant hungry, therefore, my taste buds were heightened the minute I devoured my pasta. Bellissima! It was tasty from the sauce to the shrimp and the pasta. I enjoyed it very much. IMG_4998.JPGOf course, there’s always room for dessert. We asked the waiter for his suggestions and he sold us on the Bombolini. A fried doughnut holes with cappuccino creme anglaise. Dad and I devoured what mom couldn’t finish. The plate was clean once the waiter cleared the table.

It’s safe to say we all enjoyed our meals.IMG_4993

Brava Taverna! I shall return another time.


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