Finding Serenity in Irvine

Officially, I moved in to my new apartment a few days ago and it’s been great. In the last 6 months I’ve been living in a suitcase jumping from one place to another, staying in airbnb’s, commuting for 2 hours from L.A. to O.C., fighting for parking spaces, to now living in a quiet suburban neighbourhood. It’s nice to finally have some stability. If you asked me a few months ago where I would want to live when I moved back in California, it definitely wouldn’t be in the suburbs or as known as the “‘burbs”. I consider myself a city girl but, opportunity knocked on my door so here I am living in the ‘burbs’ of Irvine.palm-desert-4-of-5Irvine has great qualities. The city is perfectly planned with manicured lawns, picture perfect condos, town-homes, houses, an abundance of parking spaces, wide streets, newly painted signs, plenty of shops and if you look closely you might see some farm fields. Who wouldn’t want to live here, right? It’s just darn so pretty.palm desert (1 of 5).jpgMy first day of moving in, I was itching to find out what my new neighborhood had to offer. I walked around and discovered this lake. It was absolutely breathtaking. It has a nice loop around these homes that overlooked the lake. People seemed to be friendly, always smiling as you make eye contacts and going about their day like there’s no worry in the world. With a view like this, it’s hard not to feel calm and relaxed.palm desert (5 of 5).jpg

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