Me in Orange County

February Update

Back to the grind. It feels good and strange at the same time being back working in the corporate world. The first week went well, lots of trying to familiarize myself with the company’s computer system, process, easing in slowly to the company culture, learning names, dealing with current or new design problems and sitting in meetings. It’s all very familiar. What I’m really looking forward to is figuring out my schedule for the rest of the year. What would life be without traveling?I’m definitely excited for this year. Lots of exciting things are going happen. Here are a few appealing places that I’m keeping an eye on.

Canada, Quèbec: For a few years now, I’ve been meaning to head over to Quèbec. This French speaking provence is a lot like France; it offers beautiful architectures, a walkable city center and loads of cafès. I’m already intrigued.

South Carolina: I heard from a colleague of mine that South Carolina was beautiful. I don’t know anything about this state but, my brother and his wife recently moved in the area. Therefore, it is my duty to investigate and explore what South Carolina has to offer.

Hawaii, Oahu: My cousin is finally jumping the gun and getting married this year. How exciting for both us as I am all in for an ultimate relaxation in the sun. Hawaii never get’s old.

New York, New York City: This one doesn’t need an introduction or an explanation. It’s one place that I can come back to over and over again.

Philippines: Home is where the heart is….

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