Getting My Groove Back After Life Abroad.

The one thing that nobody tells you after living abroad and returning to your old life is that the transition is difficult and challenging to say the least. 

Coming back home is wonderful. I got a chance to see my family, friends and the familiarity of it all is comforting. The initial arrival of being home, as a first phase upon returning abroad is simply easy. However, the next steps after that is the challenging part. What to do next? Frankly, it’s what everyone dreads. Unless, you got lucky and found a job right away when you returned home or had one before you came back, then, applause to you. For me, it didn’t go that way. I don’t think there’s a magic answer to the question. The reality is that to some degree at this stage my life is on pause.

At first, I expected questions being thrown at me from concerned family and friends. Now, it’s taken me time to adjust being in this environment again such as re-learning the ropes of finding/searching for a job, negotiating, communicating, following up to getting the hang of the local slangs. It all feels new to me and at first I felt alone. None of my family and friends who I directly communicated with on a daily basis couldn’t relate to what I was going through.

However, I’m thankful for my friends that I’ve made in Milan and the ones who I’ve known for years because they kept me motivated to keep going. They made me realise that I’m on the right path and that it’s normal to feel this way. After all, we’re all human and emotions are real. I think having a community who can relate to me absolutely helps a ton. Also, I found that staying positive through the entire phase helps by not comparing yourself to others, accepting the fact that this is temporary, talking to people who have done it in the past and getting out like hiking or meeting friends can go along way. To me, I am hopeful of my future and thinking this way keeps me going.

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