You know you’re back in Southern California after a year abroad when…

1. You wake up every morning with the sun shining.
2. Your common wardrobe changes to shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops.
3. You work around your schedule base on traffic.
4. You think twice before you jaywalk anywhere or pay a hefty price for a ticket. No thanks!
5. You get carded or asked if I’m over 21. lol! No one ever asks this in Europe.
6. You can no longer drink in public! (A standard law in California but, it seems much stricter in So. Cal.)
7. You have to properly wait in line. No more cutting like I can in Europe.
8. Everything is in large portions in terms of food. Should I get half or a full meal? small or regular coffee? (like anywhere in U.S. the food portions are large in general compare to Europe.)
9. You have to pay for taxes and tips. (anywhere in U.S.)
10. You drive around and notice the business market is growing like crazy. Good news for the job market and for the unemployed 😉

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