Palm Desert, California: A Weekend Getaway.

A few days after I returned to L.A. I was invited to go to Palm Desert by my friend. I promised myself that I would slow things down with traveling this year. Although, being unemployed provides a lot of time in my hands that it was hard not to jump at the chance for a good weekend getaway. Palm Desert, is literally in the desert with tons of palm trees that you will find lined on the streets. It’s about 2-3 hours drive from L.A. (depending on traffic) but, most of you probably know this town for Coachella. Many young party-goers flock here during the summer for the festival. palm-desert-2-of-7
However, Cari and I came in the middle of the winter and I don’t mind it one bit. I actually prefer enjoying a 70F  weather compare to a hot 100F in the middle of the summer. No, thank you! palm desert (3 of 7).jpgSo what’s there to do in this town? Well, a lot of retiree’s come to live here and most have a vacation home. Therefore, the town is generally quiet with the exception of the Coachella month. Its home to, I believe, two of the most expensive golf courses and has a city center lined with shops, boutiques, restaurants or cafe’s.

Upon our arrival, Cari and I opted for a quick bite to eat at California Pizza Kitchen. We weren’t too hungry but, we ordered the flat bread pizza that was delicious!


palm desert (1 of 1).jpgIn one of the nights, we cooked and stayed in. Cari and I made the dessert while her dad cooked the steaks. It was a perfect relaxing 3-day weekend.

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