Sunshine in the Midst of Winter in San Jose Del Cabo.

My family is a rare breed. When most people spend their winter holidays locally, mine heads over to Mexico to spend most winter days soaking in the sun. I’m not complaining here. I’m fortunate that coming “home” from living abroad for a year is here in Mexico, in the middle of the dessert, enjoying the ultimate serenity and living a simple life.On Christmas day, we spent it with friends and family. Dad woke up early and made his usual meals, cooked a huge turkey, prepared stuffing and veggies. By lunch, all of our friends came over and we gathered on a big table to eat together. While we sat at the table, I looked around and felt the familiarity of everything from the sounds, to people’s habits down to the smell. Somehow, it brought me comfort that made me realised just how much I really missed home.cabo2-mincabo9-min.jpgcabo10-min.jpgcabo-min.jpgcabo4-min.jpgcabo3-min.jpgcabo6-min.jpgcabo7-min.jpg


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