Dear 2017

Alas! We are here at the end of the year. My, how the year has passed by so quickly (at least for me it did). I remembered last year when moving to Milan was just an idea then, it turned to a reality. Now, I am sitting here reflecting and blown away of how this experience has really shaped me in so many ways. For now, I’m not ready to say good-bye just yet to 2016 because I still have a lot of things to do while I am here. As of today, I want to consider what lies ahead for 2017. Some of these wishes may or may not happen for 2017 but, these are a few things that I want to happen.

  1. Get my own place – I think it’s time to live alone. You’ve seen the horror I’ve had with roommates. I’ve learned that whether you live with friends or strangers, there’s always conditions that you will need to deal with whether you like it or not (i.e. their habits, lifestyle, schedules, etc.) At this stage, I think for the sake of my overall health, living alone is the best bet.
  2. Career – This year I tapped into the European market which was part of my goal. I wanted to experience what it was like to work as a Designer in Europe, basically to see the differences (if any) between working in USA vs Europe (in Italy to be specific). Now, I’ve had the chance to do that and I hope in 2017, I will be able to work further in this market.
  3. Health – Eat more fruits and veggies! I learned I stress eat a lot and I often forget to think about my health. I will make it a priority next year to eat better.
  4. Travel– If, I stay in Europe I definitely would like to explore more. I have a few places in mind that has intrigued me and I hope to be able to see them. If, I move back to USA then, traveling will likely be a bit more challenging depending on work but, I would want to explore Canada, the east coast and Asia.
  5. Learn a new Language – If I end up staying longer in Europe, I need to make it a priority to learn a new language or two. I no longer want to be the only person who speaks only 1 language. It’s pretty amazing really how many people here speaks 2-4 different languages.

These are a few of my wishes for 2017. How about you?


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