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A Scintillating Sojourn: A 5-Hour Excursion to Mantua, Italy!

Last weekend, my friend and I embarked on an exciting adventure to the charming town of Mantua! As we set off from Milan, our excitement was palpable, but little did we know that fate had other plans for us. As we approached the station, our hearts sank as we realized that we were a few precious seconds too late to catch our train!

With my friend blaming me for taking too long to get ready and me blaming her for sleeping in, we found ourselves in a fit of laughter as we watched our train depart right before our eyes. It was a surreal moment, as if time stood still as we found humor in the unexpected setback.

But it was all for the best, as we had a much-needed coffee and made new memories while waiting for the next train. It turned out to be one of the most memorable trips I’ve ever had, filled with laughter and unexpected twists. In the end, we learned that sometimes the best adventures are the ones that don’t go according to plan!

manrova (2 of 24).jpg

Fast forward 3 hours later, and we finally arrived in the breathtaking city of Mantua. The city center was alive with excitement, as families, locals, and tourists alike explored the charming streets and historic buildings.

As we stepped off the train, we were immediately awestruck by the beauty of our surroundings. The sun was shining down on the city, highlighting its stunning architecture and captivating culture. We couldn’t help but stop in our tracks, taking a few minutes to simply soak it all in.

With cameras in hand, we made our way through the city, capturing every moment and memory along the way. From the bustling markets to the quaint cafes, we were constantly discovering new sights and sounds. It was as if the city was unveiling itself to us, revealing its secrets and treasures with each step we took

manrova (1 of 24).jpgmanrova (3 of 24).jpgIn the middle of the square, I looked up and saw this architecture. How authentic is this? I was amazed at how the details are still in tack and very much still in place.manrova (6 of 24).jpgmanrova (7 of 24).jpgThis old city center was declared in 2007 on UNESCO to be a world heritage site. Upon entering into this square, I couldn’t help and gawk at the scenery. The square is pretty wide and is surrounded with cafe’s, restaurants, churches and a palace. My friend and I spent some time standing here and admiring at what we are seeing. Then, I decided to pull out my phone to take photos but, sadly it slipped and fell on the cobblestones. F! My phone cracked at the edges but, it was still working. Phew! Those cobblestones sure are strong. You can’t get away from them as they are widespread within the square.

As we entered the historic city center of Mantua, we were transported back in time. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2007, this square was truly a sight to behold. I couldn’t help but gawk in awe at the stunning scenery that surrounded us.

With cafes, restaurants, churches, and a magnificent palace all within arm’s reach, my friend and I took a moment to simply stand there and admire the beauty. But as I reached for my phone to capture the moment, disaster struck – it slipped from my hand and plummeted to the ground!

As I frantically picked it up, I was relieved to find that it was still working, despite the cracks along the edges. That’s the power of those ancient cobblestones, I thought to myself. They may be rough and tough, but they add to the charm and character of this magnificent city.

As we continued to explore the square, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the opportunity to experience such a remarkable place. The cobblestones may be a challenge, but they only add to the adventure of discovering this unforgettable city.

manrova (8 of 24).jpgducale.jpgIn the square, we entered in Palazzo Ducale. This is one of the things to see in Mantua.It used to be a royal residence of the Gonzaga noble family back in the 17th century which consists of lavished rooms, paintings and what not. manrova (12 of 24).jpgThis passage way was my favorite part. The perspective of the hallway captured well on camera and I couldn’t help take a snap. manrova (16 of 24).jpgmanrova (5 of 24).jpgmanrova (18 of 24).jpg

Our adventure in Mantua continued as we made our way to the magnificent Castello di San Giorgio, located just on the other side of Palazzo Ducale. Despite the mysterious green hue of the surrounding water, the castle was nothing short of breathtaking.

But little did we know, there was a catch to visiting this stunning castle – it could only be accessed with a combined ticket to the Palazzo Ducale museum. We were determined to see the inside, but as we approached the entrance, the ticket agent kindly informed us of the rule.

Undeterred, we took a walk around the castle, admiring its grandeur from the outside. The sun was setting, casting a warm glow on the castle walls, and giving us a breathtaking view. We may not have been able to go inside, but the beauty of the castle was undeniable from the outside.

So, we took a moment to reflect on the journey thus far, grateful for the unexpected twists and turns that had led us to this magical place. We may not have been able to see the castle from the inside, but the memories we made that day would last a lifetime.

manrova (19 of 24).jpgmanrova (21 of 24).jpgAcross the street is a lake. We scampered over and walked for a bit. There was something so peaceful looking into the water.manrova (22 of 24).jpg

Our hunger pangs were getting stronger as we strolled around the city center in search of a satisfying meal. But to our surprise, every restaurant we approached was fully booked or unable to seat us. It seemed like the city was packed with foodies and we were left out in the cold.

However, we refused to let this dampen our spirits. We continued our search until we stumbled upon the charming Taverna del Duca. The ambiance was warm and inviting, and the smell of delicious food wafted through the air. We were finally going to be able to satiate our hunger!

I ordered the Matua Reis, a rice plate with juicy chunks of meat, and I have to say, it was a revelation. The flavors exploded in my mouth with every bite, and I was transported to a world of culinary delights. The food was so good that I forgot about the frustrating experience we had earlier.

In the end, everything worked out for the best. We found a great meal and made a memory that would last a lifetime. And isn’t that what life’s all about – finding the silver lining in every situation?

manrova-15-of-24Then, we walked over for a gelato.manrova-23-of-24It made the rest of the day a whole lot better.


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