Signs You’re Living La Dolce Vita in the Fashion Capital

For the local foreigners. See if you relate to some of these.

You Know You’re in Milan When….

  1. Riding a bike in 4″ heels is a skill.
  2. Your cooking skills improve.
  3. Coffees come in small sizes.
  4. You cross the street without waiting for the traffic light to turn green.
  5. You share the sidewalk with grannies, grandpas, strollers, dogs, bicyclists and scooters…oh, watch out for the poop!
  6. You spend time at the grocery store picking out different bags for all of the recycling  bins. Clear bags are cool!
  7. Smoking is a thing.
  8. Water is drinkable from the faucet but, everyone still buys water at the store. Is the water from the faucet really clean or not?
  9. You have at least 1 Italian friend who has a house at a nearby lake or in the mountains.
  10. You meet at least 1 person who works in the Fashion industry.
  11. Saturday becomes your day to do errands because Sundays most shops are closed (i.e. Esselunga).
  12. The same goes for Mondays.
  13. Fun starts between 7-10pm for aperitivo.

14. Gellaterias are on point.

15. Food is on point.

16. Fashion companies know how to throw a party.

17. The museums are awesome.

18. Amazed at the servers who speaks multiple languages.

19. Design Week & Fashion Week is pretty awesome.

20. Feeling lucky that your new adventure is only a few hours away.

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