5 Day-Time Trips Under 2 Hours from Milan.

Daytime trips are the best. My friends and I are all about it because it’s a perfect way to rejuvenate and forget about our day to day stress from school work or whatever it may be. Here are my top 5 best places to see near Milan that are at least less than 2 hours away by train. Andiamo!

1.) Lake Como (1hr. 44min.) is undeniably beautiful. It was introduced to me by one of my roommates during the first few weeks upon my arrival in Milan. Little did I know that it would literally take my breath away.

2.) Lugano, Switzerland (1 hr. 16min.) – I call this town the sister of Lake Como because in a lot of ways they have some similarities. There’s a lake, the scenery is beautiful and the locals speak Italian.

3. Verona, Italy (1hr. 23 min.) – “Where are thou art Romeo!” Known for the setting of Romeo and Juliet, this town is as romantic as it can get. Walk through the city center and you’ll find a charming square lined with restaurants, shops and cafès. You’ll see all sorts of people here from the locals to tourists, it’s no wonder its known as the 4th most visited city in Italy.

4. Desenzano Del Garda, Italy (1hr. 1min.) to me is that quiet town that nobody tells you but, it really is a hidden gem. Some of my friends from school flock here over the weekend or the summer to get away from the bustling city of Milan. I mean can you blame them?

5. Bologna, Italy (1hr. 2min.) would probably be another Italian city I’d live in aside from Milan. A lot of the creative agencies can be found here but, the city also offers so many other opportunities for people in general.

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