Restaurants worth to try in Milan for Guests.

Last weekend my parents came to visit me and I was stressed. Generally, I know what my visitors like or don’t like. My parents, on the other hand, require a certain type of attention. One of those things is finding the right place to eat as both have very particular tastes in food and environment. Before their arrival, I spent some time looking on the internet for ideas but, I didn’t find anything up to par with their taste. Anyway, I took a chance and I made suggestions base on instincts. Luckily, for the most part it worked.

1. Terrazza La Rinascente Duomo (City Center)– I was a bit skeptical in taking them here because I know dad hates crowds and especially, walking around in a mall. Somehow, I convinced him to come and he ended up enjoying it. I think the view of the Duomo from his seat won him over and the food was unbeatable.

We ordered the Risotto for lunch. I think it was the best Risotto I’ve had in my life. There’s something in the sauce I tell yah.parents-7-of-7parents (2 of 7).jpgparents (3 of 7).jpgThe pizza wasn’t all that bad either.parents-1-of-7and yes, it is pricey. Service was excellent and with that view, how can you complain? Tip: reservation is highly suggested for dinner. 

2. Ristorante Pane e Vino (City Center)– we came here on our last night together for dinner because it was convenient (a walking distance from my parent’s hotel).

The restaurant itself is centrally located, just a few blocks down from duomo. We arrived around 8pm and we were greeted right away upon entering the restaurant. There’s nothing more that I love than when the staff acknowledges their guests, especially when they first walk in through the door.

The ambiance of the restaurant was cozy. We found a corner near the window that faces the street. Outside, it was raining and people were rushing but, inside it was warm and calm.

After settling down, Mom and I ordered the lamb chops paried with fried veggies. It was a good portion and I thought the meat was perfectly cooked. Dad ordered the antipasti, he liked it. Service was excellent.parents (4 of 5).jpgAddress: Largo Carrobbio, 4, 20123 Milano

3. Hosteria della Musica (Brera) – My parents loved Brera. We ended up coming here a few times and we decided on having dinner at Hosteria della Musica.

The food was excellent but, we were dissappointed with the service. The waiter failed to tell us that the portions for all of the plates were huge. We ordered 2 salads, 3 veal plates for each of us and mom ordered a side of veggies. Too much food! 1 side salad would’ve been enough for the 3 of us. Anyway, I was content with the food but, the service could be better. They also did nothing after we complained about the portions.

I would come back here but, I would probably order 1 plate at a time. parents (2 of 2).jpgVicolo Fiori 2, 20121 Milano

4. 10 Corso Como Cafe – After sightseeing around Milan, I took mom for a quick drink at 10 Corso Como while, dad went back to the hotel and rested. Mom and I settled on the fresh squeezed mix juice. WoW! It was delicious.

Corso Como Cafe is a place I come back to often. It’s hip and there’s always something happening. There’s a bookstore, a terrace garden, a hotel, a boutique, a cafe and galleries. I can definitely stay here for a few hours. parents-5-of-5parents-3-of-5

5. Valà Restaurant (Sant’Ambrogio )–  We found this restaurant via TripAdvisor. They had excellent reviews so, we dared tried it. It is a local Italian cuisine, average priced and offers Italian, Mediterranean and Vegetarian food. I ordered the Tagliatelle al ragù bianco di baccalà. Overall, I thought it was ok. Their staff were friendly and accommodating which was deal breaker for us. I’d come back here again.parents (1 of 5).jpgScreen Shot 2016-10-15 at 09.37.32.pngTip: reservation is highly suggested for dinner. 

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