Me Outside in Milan

My Favorite Spots in Milan

As I wind down to the last few months I have left in Europe, I realised how much I’ve seen over the year I’ve been living here in Milan. I’m glad I’ve had the chance to share it on this blog because reflecting back to these memories have made me realise how much I’ve seen, done and I can’t believe it’s already been a year. Time sure moves fast!

Oh, Milan! You have surprised me in a lot of ways. Before I came here, I didn’t know much about the city except Milan is known for fashion and that I wanted to explore Europe in general. Looking back now, I grew to like Milan a lot. It offered many things that I wanted to experience and even more than I expected.

I enjoyed going to all of the museums, exhibitions, events and restaurants. There are some places that have stood out the most to me and some of these I occasionally go to on a daily basis… maybe a few of you do too.

Eataly: A day at the Duomo wouldn’t be the same without stopping by Eataly. Eataly is an Italian specialty market shop. I particularly go to the location near Duomo because I like the cafè on the first floor. It’s small but, it offers everything I need. The building itself consists of about 5-6 floors with different restaurants and stores which, are all priced like whole foods in U.S.A

At the top floor, there’s a restaurant with a nice view of the city center. It’s worth checking out when you’re in the area.

For me, I come here to dine on the first floor. I usually order their crepe salmon but, they also have a wide variety of plates from salads to sandwiches.

Radio Rooftop Milan
If you’re feeling fancy, come here and check out the view. I think it’s one of the best views of Milan. I came here to try something new and different from the casual and usual Navigli aperitivo spots I often go to. It’s hard to get over the view!

10 Corso Como – I had to put this one on this list because I’ve been here so many times that it would be ridiculous not to share it. This place, to me, is a perfect way to spend the day getting lost looking at the galleries and simply having coffee or hanging out on the terrace.

Parco della Guastalla – This is the cutest park I’ve seen in Milan. I found this place on Instagram and why I never saw it before is beyond me. I came to learn about it only last month. Eeek!

La Rinascente at Duomo – Although, this mall is pricey (like Bloomies) I like the products that they offer. I especially like the last floor with the restaurant and shop because they have a variety of delicious chocolates and other items that are fantastic to buy for presents or for myself 😉

Navigli – do I really need to explain this?

Ah, Brera. It stole my heart the first day I came to Milan. I can’t imagine anyone not liking this area. It’s charming, it has solid restaurants, all of the main events happen here, the shops are adorable and it’s within walking distance to everything.

La Triennale di Milano is awesome. Anytime there’s a Design week or an event, you can be sure that La Triennale participates in some ways. They always have exhibition that are worth checking out. I recently came with my mom to see the YOU! Digital Fashion Revolution Exhibition for free. We both enjoyed it!

MUDEC in Tortona is another favorite museum of mine. The first time I came here they had the Barbie Exhibition and recently, I came to see Crafting The Future. Both were interesting to see.

Monte Napoleone – Alas, the Beverly Hills of Milan as I call it. I admit it’s one of the few areas I haven’t fully explored yet but, there are a ton of cafès around that are worth trying out. My friend and I recently went to Twin’s Cafe a few blocks down. We enjoyed having snacks here and drinking an espresso. It get’s pretty packed but, try their desserts. They’re to die for.

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