Milan Fashion Week

What a week it’s been. You’ve probably heard that Milan Fashion Week just ended and my gosh, how crazy it was to see it happening locally. Milan on a normal day is generally quiet. It’s not rowdy like it is in L.A. or remotely close to craziness like Ibiza. But, this week Milan surprised me because the city literally lit up.My friends and I didn’t get a chance to partake in any of the actual fashion shows but, we definitely had plenty of activities to choose from. On the first day of Fashion Week, my friends and I went for aperitivo at Serendepico. The bar was located next to the Sfortza Castle. How I never have seen this is beyond me.

When we arrived, there was already a long line outside the door. It was packed with late 20 somethings to late 30’s crowd who were all dressed very well. Luckily, my friend was smart enough to call and reserved us a table. As soon as we arrived, we were seated immediately and of course, we had signed up to be on the guest list. A guest list is the ultimate list to be on during Milan Fashion Week. Every bar, nightclub or restaurants had them.

Anyway, I thought the food was good at Serendepico but, the way it was presented failed miserably. They didn’t have any food left when we went to the table and when they finally served them they were missing forks and spoons. I’m guessing on a normal night when it’s not Fashion Week, they would probably have a nicer set up (I hope). mfw2.jpgOn the 3rd day of Milan Fashion Week, my friends and I walked around the city a lot. We wanted to explore Milan and sure enough, we saw a ton of fashionistas and models strutting around the streets. It was hard to miss them as some wore fancy cocktail dresses; the kind that you would only see in magazines or runway shows.

One lady, I saw had a hat on that looked like a peacock landed on her head. Her dress was heavily embellished with laces and beads. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it and I’ve been to London Fashion Week in an actual fashion show and also in Paris Fashion Week. All I can say is how interesting to see this in Milan. Sorry, I didn’t get a chance to take a photo to show you but, one can only imagine.mfw3.jpgI really liked seeing Milan come alive at this time because it showed a different side to the city that I’ve never seen before. I definitely wouldn’t see certain places without walking around during this week. One example is this neat lighting pieces in the middle of Burberry’s building. You walk in through a gate and  I couldn’t help but take a quick snap (top). mfw7.jpgThen this past weekend, my friend and I were planning to go to a museum and ran into what looked like an exclusive dinner party that was happening for Dolce & Gabbana’s grand opening store in Montepeleone. They had a dinner table set up that literally covered the entire street. How crazy and beautiful is this? mfw6.jpgmfw4.jpgIbiza (2 of 2).jpgLater that night, the guests finally arrived. I saw a lot of the fashion bloggers I follow which, was cool to see them in person. Other than that, nothing out of the extraordinary happened. Ibiza (11 of 19).jpgOne of the best things about huge events in Milan are the exhibitions. They seem to have them all week and some are actually free. One example is the exhibition at Mudec called “Crafting of the Future”. They showcased a collection of clothes, shoes, hats to jewelries that integrated technology. I’ve always been intrigued with the idea of how fashion meets technology. I think it’s the future, if it’s not already here. Ibiza (10 of 19).jpgThis corset are made out of wires. It’s beautifully made but, one question comes to mind is how do you wash these?Ibiza (12 of 19).jpgIbiza (9 of 19).jpgIbiza (8 of 19).jpgI loved this visual display. The pop of colors to the flooring details are quite intriguing don’t ya think? One thing that I couldn’t get a photo of is the virtual reality they had on site. It shows the different parts of the room paired with information about each sections. Truthfully, I wasn’t too impressed with it because of the fact that the quality was blurry. However, if it was fixed then I’d say it’s worth to try. Although, in general the exhibition is worth seeing.

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