Top 8 Favorite Meals in Europe

It’s no surprise, I love to travel. With my on the go lifestyle hopping from one country to another, I think I’ve quite built up a knack for tastes in places and well, also food.

I’m definitely a budget traveler, although, at times I do like to fine and dine. Here are a mixture of my favorite dishes, plates and appetizers that I’ve tasted over the course of my time in Europe. 

Makarun Restaurant (Split, Croatia)

After recently returning from my trip in Croatia, I can still remember the taste from my first bite of this dish. I can tell you it was savory and very tasty just as you see it in the photo. Sorry, I do not have the name of this dish as I did not get a chance to write  it down. 

Phidias Cafe (Athens, Greece)

Mediterranean ham and cheese food platter is probably one of my favorite types of food to eat. Everything on this plate is something you’ll definitely see me eat over and over again.

Corner Restaurant (Fira, Greece)

This restaurant was recommended to us by the Information Center. We tried it one day for breakfast and I ordered the ham with eggs dish. Next thing we knew, we found ourselves back for the rest of our stay. It was that good. Oh, they have free wifi and the waitress provided us with a city map that pinpointed all the major spots. They knew how to care of us.

Vineria Cozzi Restaurant (Bergamo, Italy)

Shank with Polenta in Bergamo is a must. It was the best Polenta I’ve had thus far in Italy. It was a bit on a pricey side but, you don’t need anything else to add on this plate. Both the polenta and the shank were very fulfilling  and left me content with my order. 

The Lobby Nesplein (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Croquettes was the best option when I was in between not too hungry but, I could eat. In my experience, the croquettes I’ve had in the past were either served too hot or burnt. This one came in exactly at the right temperature and with the right ingredients because it was darn tasty.

Les Garcons (Nice, French Riviera)

Duck with Mash Potatoes dish did not disappoint. As part of a set menu, this dish was presented very well and it tasted very good. I can tell you that there was not a single part of this plate that was left behind. 

me in Zurich
Swizerland, Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland

Fondue with molten cheese. Why is it that anything with cheese makes food taste better? Fondue is something that everyone should try when in Zurich.

Bar Nunzio (Cornigilia, Cinque Terre)

Ok, I admit we came here for the view but, the pizza and any of their appetizer plates on the menu was worth it. This place was hidden but, a lot of the locals came here. If, it was good enough for them it definitely is good for tourists.9. Home (Milan, Italy) – There’s nothing better than home cooked meals. One of my most memorable moments was cooking at home with my friends. When you’re with good company and eat good food, it’s hard to beat that for anything else.

Bar Nunzio

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