Castello Sforzesco

Did you know that every Tuesdays after 2pm certain museums are free in Milan? What da ya know! Of course, there’s nothing I’d rather do than to spend my day getting to know my own city. Let’s take a closer look at Castello Sforzesco.lapieta3.jpg Castello Sforzesco was built in the 15th century by the Duke of Milan name Francesco Sforza. It houses multiple different museums such as the Unfinished Pieta, Museums of the Ancient Art, Museum of Decorative Arts and much more. The courtyard is free, you can walk around the area, relax, have a coffee and really get to know the castle better.

One of the first museums I highly suggest is The Unfinished Pieta. The statue is outright beautiful. When you enter here, you walk right in and see the statue with seats facing it. Keep in mind that voices are kept to a minimum here and photos are ok as long as there are no flash involved. What I like about it is that you truly get a chance to see the statue up close and personal.lapieta2.jpgThe Unfinished Pieta gallery is separate from where the statue is placed. It’s located next door and is worth seeing because it showcases the different sides of the Pieta and how it was constructed.IMG_0932.jpgThe Mother and Child room at The Decorative Arts Museum. I had a tough time finding this museum because I came in the opposite side of the main entrance where it’s located on the 2nd floor.

The museum itself is quiet large. It consists of multiple rooms with different collections that feature the Milanese styles. You can easily spend an hour and a half in this museum alone. IMG_0939.jpgIMG_0929.jpgIMG_0916.jpgThe Rochetta CourtyardIMG_0921.jpgDue to time, I did not get to see the Egyptian Museum and others. Although, there’s always another Tuesday after 2pm to try and attempt in seeing it. I am sure they are well worth visiting.

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