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Exploring the Beauty of Krka National Park and the Charming Sibenik Town

Krka National Park immediately captured our hearts. After reading articles and seeing photos, we were drawn to its allure and knew we had to experience it for ourselves. We booked a bus ride with Splitlicious Excursions for 190,00 kn per person, which included a stopover in Sibenik town and other mini-sites on the way back to Split, plus a 150,00 kn entrance fee to the park (or 90,00 kn with a student ID). We had a fantastic time all around.

The walking paths around the lakes offer two options, with the shorter route being the most popular, as it takes you through a bridge that overlooks the river, a perfect spot for capturing memorable photos.

After leaving Krka National Park, we spent around 30 minutes exploring the charming town of Sibenik. Although the town was small and peaceful, with not much activity going on, it had its own unique charm that made it a delightful place to wander and take in the sights. Despite the town’s quiet atmosphere, we found plenty of interesting sights to explore and enjoyed our time discovering the local culture and history.


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