streets of split, croatia

Fun Times in Split, Croatia

Oh Croatia! We definitely saved the best for last. I had way too much wine and way too much fun. Croatia in the summer is H – o – T. Literally and figuratively speaking here. C & I spent 3 days in Split, although we should’ve stayed there for a week. Croatia had so many things to do and see that we didn’t get a chance to see it all, unfortunately.

When we arrived, we were running on 3 hours of sleep as we pulled an all-nighter at the airport to make our 545am boarding time slot. The airport alone was an experience in itself. Did you know it’s a happening place between 4-6am? I was surprised of how many people were actually there at this time in the morning.

Anyway, C & I were such troopers. Who knew? As soon as we arrived in our airbnb apartment, we dropped our bags off and went strait to exploring the town. The few zz’s we actually had on the plane and at the airport helped a ton because we didn’t waste any time looking around Split.

One day we spent time tanning at Bacvice Beach. We were lucky that the beach was only 15 min. walking distance from our apartment. You can’t miss Bacvice Beach because it’s one of the most popular beach in town.

The minute we arrived, the music was already blaring through the speakers. People were everywhere! In the water, on the sun-beds sleeping, tanning, talking or ordering at the bars. It was crowded and there’s no doubt it was a happening place. It took us a few minutes to find a spot and finally, we did. I swam in the water for a few minutes. It was chilly, although, it warmed up after a while.

We had plenty of time to roam through the city center in Split after we woke up late on our last full day and missed our chance to ride the boat to Hvar. After many attempts in trying to find a boat that would take us to Hvar that day, we were left with no other option but to stay in Split. No fret, one thing we did best was that we took advantage of every minute we had on our trip.

Split city center had lots of restaurants to choose from. Don’t forget to explore further than what’s on the main square because C & I saw a ton of hidden restaurants that likely offered better food and provided seclusion which, you won’t get on the main square.

Also, be careful of the floor as it was slippery. I saw a ton of people slip many times (including myself). I can’t imagine what happens when it rains.

Summer in Split is definitely busy. Everyone flocks to the same spot, although, if you get a chance to roam around early in the morning I highly suggest to do so. You’ll get to explore the town without bumping on to people.

Don’t miss the underground market in Diocletian Palace. It was one of my favorite things to see. Here, you can also enter the cellar of the palace. There’s a small fee but, you’ll get a student discount with a card.

Split is not all about partying. Although, I admit we did one night of dancing and had a great time. If, you prefer something quieter then head over to the Diocletian Palace. One of the nights we sat outside and listened to a band playing a slow and melodic tune. It was a perfect way to wind down and end our night.

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