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My Sweet Life in Portofino

Portofino caught my eye before I even came to Italy. I’ve heard about it’s crystal clear water, how they have an adorable mini cove and that its a celebrity haven destination. Ok, I didn’t come just for that but, it didn’t hurt either. C & I took an early train ride from Centrale and arrived about 3 1/2 hours in Santa Margherita Ligure, Portofino. From that station, we took the Bus 82 which, took another 20 minutes to drop us off in the city center of Portofino. Yeah, we had no idea it was this far from the train station. Although, on the way there we got a nice coastal view that gave us a general idea of the area which, we took advantage of later on.IMG_0400.jpgPortofino did not disappoint whatsoever. We arrived at the bus stop and walked into the city center leading us to the port. It was hot! Although, that didn’t scare us away from taking out our cameras like a tourist. I couldn’t help myself from taking photos of the boats. It was a true picturesque setting that I could ask for.IMG_0381.jpgIMG_0426.jpgYou’ll find lots of shops and restaurants here. The prices are a bit steep but, hey you’re in Portofino!IMG_0429.jpgIMG_0379.jpgIMG_0372.jpgIMG_0428.jpgAt the end of the port, we found our way up into a walk path that takes you to a castle. We decided not to go in because we just wanted to explore the town and not spend the whole day inside. I’m glad we decided to do so because there wasn’t anywhere in Portofino that had a bad view. IMG_0386.jpgThe walk path had lots of trees and a nice shade from the sun. It was a good way to cool off. IMG_0422.jpgIMG_0388.jpgIMG_0411.jpgIMG_0433.jpgportofino.jpgPortofino city center is small. You can loop around the village within an hour and a half (depending on what you plan to do). We went up the hill as I mentioned and then came across this church. This area serves a nice panoramic view of the village and the ocean. You’ll want to get your cameras out here.

After an hour or so, C & I decided to explore the coast. We knew from our bus ride that there were other areas to see outside the city center. We bought our bus ride ticket at a nearby newspaper stand in case we wanted to head back from any point on the coast. It was the best decision because we ended up spending our remaining time in one of the cove and took the bus from one of the stops along the way.IMG_0439.jpgComing to Portofino, I suggest you bring a bathing suit because there are many parts on the coast where you can swim. They’re all pebbled beaches but, the view and that clear water! IMG_0441.jpgIMG_0451.jpgI would definitely come back to Portofino. It’s near Milan and it’s a good way of spending a relaxing weekend. 

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