Summer in P a R i S

European summer is in full swing. My friend and I have been travelling none stop since she arrived from U.S.; We immediately jetset to Paris the minute she landed, leaving no room for her jetlag to set in? Wait. What’s jetlag? IMG_9579-2-2-2.jpg Upon our arrival, we hit up all of the general tourist spots as it was her first time in Europe and my 2nd time. Coming back here felt good. I found myself thinking what’s not to love about Paris? IMG_9616-2-2.jpgIMG_9552-2-2.jpgIMG_9548-2.jpgIMG_9554-2-2.jpgThe 2nd time round I managed to see sites that I missed the first time I came. We decided to do the stairs where we went up the Eiffel Tower to the 2nd floor and then, took the elevator all the way up. This way, it gave us time to explore and take in one of the best views Paris offered.

If you decided to come to Paris and go up the Eiffel Tower, the other option was to take the elevator all the way up to the top without stopping on the 2nd floor. You will also get a good view from the top. The only difference is the view level, the cafe’s  or restaurants and the mini historical information they’ve placed all around the 2nd floor. Also, if you have a student card and you’re under 26 years old, use the discount ticket.IMG_9715-2-2.jpgYes, it rained in Paris during our visit. Actually, come to think of it there’s never been a time that I came to Paris where it didn’t rain at least once. It’s something I expected and have been used to and I was prepared with my umbrella.IMG_0107-2.jpgIMG_9873.jpgWe found ourselves waking up early everyday and took advantage of our time that we had while we were in Paris. When I say early, I mean super early like 6 or 7am to get our day started with breakfast and all. Hey, no one said traveling was easy but, someone has to do it 😉IMG_9875-2-2.jpgIMG_0102.jpgIMG_9628-2-2-2.jpgMy little trooper C was a happy bee to be in Paris, a destination that she has wanted to cross off her list. Check.IMG_9645-2-2.jpgIMG_9653.jpgIMG_9669-2-2.jpg C in action cradling her selfie stick. lol I know she’s reading this….love you.IMG_9718.jpgIMG_9983-2-2.jpgSeeing the Mona Lisa was the highlight of my trip to Paris. I didn’t get a chance to see it the first time round therefore, I was more than excited to finally see it. So excited that we booked our tickets 2-3 months in advance to beat the crowded lines (and there was a very long one too and I’m glad we had planned ahead of time).

Also, I searched ahead of time which room the Mona Lisa was found that once we entered, I had my eye on my target and made it in a matter of minutes making our way through a pile of crowd and somehow I found myself at the front staring at Mona Lisa. I was elated!IMG_9815-2-2IMG_9758.jpgIMG_9751-2.jpgIMG_9918-2.jpgWe spent a good 15-20 minutes just staring at her. Taking photos the best way we could. I was pretty happy to have a clear shot without people in it. Sigh!IMG_9857-2-2.jpglouvre-2.jpgIMG_9839-2.jpgIMG_9842-2-2.jpgIMG_9825-2-2-2.jpgIMG_9812-2-2.jpgAside from the Mona Lisa, I enjoyed the Louvre museum. We spent half a day there going from one room to the other. It’s one of the most impressive museums I’ve ever been to.IMG_9885-2-2.jpgIMG_0096-2-2.jpgWe walked around a lot. I really liked the streets around the Notre Dame cathedral. It’s got cute street corners, shops and cafe’s that I could spend half a day just exploring.IMG_9888.jpgIMG_9904-2-2.jpgIMG_9907-2-2.jpgIMG_9880.jpgIMG_9945-2.jpgIMG_9940-2.jpgMontmarte neighborhood was right around the corner from our airbnb apartment. It also has cafe’s and shops that you can find. IMG_9944.jpgWe had dinner at Le Jardin d’en Frace on one of the nights we were in Paris. It drizzled at one point but, after a few sips of our red wine we didn’t even notice. Paris at night is just as beautiful as it is in the morning. To me, it really lights up. After we had dinner, we went to the Eiffel Tower to show C the light show. On the way there, we attempted to use the public restroom and failed miserably. To this day, I still have no clue how it works.IMG_0064-2-2-2.jpgOn our last day, we spent the remaining time we had at the Saint-Chapelle. The glass panes we saw were incredible and the room felt all surreal. There’s an entrance fee of 10 euros, although, I suggest seeing it if you are in town.IMG_0050-2.jpgIMG_0079-2.jpgIMG_0043-2.jpgIMG_0076.jpgWhat else is there to say about Paris except it lived up to our expectations and then some. We used our time wisely and both of us truly enjoyed being here. No matter how many stairs we climbed, how many steps we walked, whether it’s raining or shining this will not be the last time we will be in Paris. Au revoir for now…..IMG_0017.jpg

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