What I Call A Good Day

In the last 2 months, school has thrown me for a loop. You see, we are required to complete a 3-month internship as part of the school program and my time in finding one is becoming very slim. Over the last month and a half, I’ve been going on interviews more than anyone can count. Between doing that and juggling school projects has, at some point it, made me question my skills and abilities because it felt like I wasn’t going anywhere. Fortunately, today all of my insecurities went out of the window.

First, I am happy to say that one of the biggest final exams for me finally ended. A month ago, we were asked to create a project for a pitch and our group had always come up with good ideas but, we never executed as well as we should. This time, we pulled it together and at the end our professor revealed to the class that he thought our project was the “best” in terms of execution and design. Moreover, he stated that our presentation and work represented as close to what his agency (one of the biggest in the world) would do. Hearing all of this coming from him surprised me because there were other groups that I thought did really well and when my group found out he picked us, all of our faces lit up. We were definitely speechless and of course, happy.

Fast forward a few hours later, I got a very nice email stating that I had been selected by a digital agency in Milan to do my internship. Can you tell I’m jumping for joy?  What a day this has been!

Many of you do not know how tough it has been to land an internship. This was a huge success for me because being an international student is a privilege. However, the draw back is that there’s always that thought about the language and culture that could potentially be a problem for some companies or simply, they’re not interested in getting involved with someone who doesn’t speak the local language. These were 2 of my major concerns among many others but, my mind can finally lay to rest.

Now, I can finally move on and start looking forward to finding my new apartment and the start of my summer travel plans. Keeping it positive.


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