Winding down on Top of Duomo

Milano is hot this week. Peeking at 80 degrees F today, I was sweating like crazy in the sun. I was glad to cool off when we went up to the rooftop of Milan’s famous attraction the Duomo Cathedral. For 9 euros, you can go up 208 steps and see a bird’s eye view of the entire Milan city on the top of the cathedral. I don’t know why it took me 8 months to finally make it up here because the cathedral’s architecture is one of the best. duomo-8978.jpgduomo-8953.jpgduomo-8992duomo-8945.jpgThe 2nd largest church in Italy took 6 centuries for them to complete. You can see it through their work, the dedication and the amount of work they’ve put into it.duomo-8987duomo-9023.jpgduomo-8965duomo-9002.jpgduomo-8986.jpgD and I enjoyed sitting at the top and people watched. Tourists came and go but, one thing for sure is that they were mesmerised by the beauty of the architecture like us. It’s hard to keep your eyes off of it as it’s very surreal to see in person.

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