At A Crossroads

We’re at that point in time where I’m realising that my time in Europe and for some of my friends, is coming to an end. It hit me last week when my friend announced that she officially bought her flight tickets to go back home in the next few weeks. When I heard those words, I literally stopped breathing. I’m never good with good-byes.

A few days since her announcement I think I’ve accepted this situation. I am now at a crossroad between finishing my school and figuring out the next steps in my life. There’s not much I can do except enjoy this last few weeks with my friends and accept whatever destiny life will take me. duomo-8899.jpgThese last few days, D and I have spent a lot of time together. We roamed Milan, talking about our future and reflecting about our experiences in Europe. We both agreed we didn’t want to leave. Many laughs we had together will always be remembered and what I liked about her is her ability to be up for last minute adventures.

We ended up discovering this rooftop in Milan last night. It overlooked the city center and a spectacular view of Duomo with the moon in the back made it that much better. Some of you may know where this spot is located but, I decided to keep this experience between myself and D. It took us a few minutes to find it, although, it was really fun discovering it together.duomo-8921.jpg

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