Revisiting Genoa

I have a confession to make. I like Genoa. The first time I was here we landed in the downtown area and I immediately hated it. A few months later, I was invited to come back to this city and stay with friends of my significant other. Usually, I’d jump at the chance for any adventure but, this time I was hesitant. I knew what I was getting myself into until we arrived. I was wrong. Dead wrong!

This time round, we were in the coastal area and it was awesome. Check out our morning walk view!  

A 30-minute drive south will bring you to Recco, between La Passeggiata di Nervi & Portofino.

We parked our moto and sat at the beach until the sun went down. Watching people surf and relax was absolutely the perfect way to end our weekend.

If you do end up coming here I suggest renting a scooter to get a nice view of the coast all the way through and you get more flexibility getting from one town to the next in a short amount of time. For cars I hear it’s a bit pricey with the parking situation and you have to fight for space. It’s something to consider and think about.


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