Armani Silos Museum

Picture this, you’ve been given a project at work and a client requires a 24 hours turn around time for a project that you know it will take longer than 2 days. Your boss has already tried to ask for an extension but, they’ve insisted that it’s impossible. Yikes! Well, that’s exactly what’s happening now at this moment in my world, too much work so little time. However, the window of opportunity I had to come up for air I decided to use and go to Armani Silos exhibition. It was rather quite fitting as some of his works showcased workwear related themes that gave me ideas for when I start going on job interviews.armani-7897armaniThe exhibition is quite large which consists of 4 floors with a combination of videos and different collections all throughout his career. I particularly liked the red room, a small and funky theme that appeals to an everyday wear style. armani-7907The other room that I found intriguing was the digital archive section. It has computers and table tops that people can scan through “archives” of his collections including videos of his previous runway shows. I thought the exhibition truly captured his work life history.

Address: Via Bergognone, 40 Milan

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