Hot Air Balloon Ride in Monza

Did you know Monza had a 3-day festival that offered free hot air balloon rides this weekend? Right, I was excited too because I have never been in one and it was a perfect Sunday activity for it. My friends and I eagerly left early in the morning hoping to ride the balloon before noon. Before we left, we checked online to make sure that the balloon ride was actually working and no one had seen anything unusual. By noon, our train arrived late so, we decided to hop on a taxi to ride across town and walk to the park where the hot air balloons were located. On the way to the park, traffic had picked up and our taxi was stuck in the middle of it. Luckily, we were just outside of the park area and all we had to do was walk towards it. I checked my handy phone which, indicated on the map that the hot air balloons were actually 30 minutes away by walking from our current location. It didn’t bother me as I was used to walking a lot, the scenery was beautiful and the weather was nice.

On the way to our destination, we had asked several locals to make sure we were going the right way. Finally, the last person we asked had pointed that we made it to where the hot air balloons were located except, the balloons weren’t going up today because of the winds. O – M – G

It was quite disappointing to say the least but, I understand. It was all for safety reasons. I just wish they had updated their website indicating that the balloon ride wouldn’t be going up today due to the weather.monza-7762If we can’t ride the balloon then, at least a photo will justify for it 😉monza-7760.jpgThe walk through the park was beautiful.monza-7755monza-7758monza-7757.jpgmonza-7751.jpgmonza-7766.jpgmonza-7781Duomo of Monzamonza-7756.jpg


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