Top 10 Things I Learned About Greece

Friendly vibe – People in Greece both locals and tourists are very relaxed. I very much enjoyed meeting people from all over the world. Everyone I came across were interested and curious where other people came from and usually, my conversations with strangers are short when I’m on the go. Although, here in Greece I could chill and watch the sunset while I have a good convo with someone about anything.

Cash City – Yes, you can find places that use credit cards. However, cash is predominantly the preferred choice of payment.

Greek sandals  If you’re looking for summer sandals, this is the place to be. There are plenty of options to choose from and most of them are hand-made. If it wasn’t for my small luggage, I would’ve bought more 😉

The metro is well maintained. 

Food is awesome and it doesn’t have to be expensive. athens-6546

Lidl exists in Fira, Santorini. An Italian friend asked me if it existed in Greece so, I had to put it on here. It does! It’s hidden behind the city center in Fira at the end of a street. Ask the information center, I am sure they will know.

Aphrodite Olive Oil is the local popular brand for lotion, baths, sunscreen, etc. It’s everywhere and yes, I bought two of their lotion. It smells great and I use it everyday.oliveoil

Generous Student Discounts. If you’re a student, bring your ID and don’t be afraid to use it. My friend & I got in a lot of the main attractions for free or with a good discount. It sure saved us a lot of money!

When airstrikes hit, there are options. On our last day in Santorini, I got an automatic text message from Ryanair stating that our flight back to Athens was cancelled. It was an unpleasant surprise while sitting on a bus ride on our way to the beach. After talking to the Information Center, it turned out Greece had a country wide air strike and no flights were flying out anywhere. Soooooo, a lot of people were stranded like us. I can’t really complain because Santorini is the best place to be stranded in but, what was annoying is that Ryanair knew 5 days in advance that their flights were cancelled. Shame on them! Anyhew, the best option was to take a boat ride back to Athens in time to catch our flight back to Italy. Phew! It is good to know we had options.

One of the best sunset I’ve ever seen. You’ll hear it over and over again, see the “Sunset in Oia”. santorini-6996


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