Milan Design Week 2016

Word around town that there’s a huge gathering happening this week in Milan called Design Week. If you missed the memo well, you’re missing a lot! The past two days I’ve been all over the place in the city hopping from one zone to the next and back. I found the exhibitions in Via Tortona the best, thus far, as it involved a lot of interactivity between people and technology. I highly suggest heading there today.

Here are some of my favorite exhibitions:

Via Tortona:
Citizen WatchDesign Week-7419

Glow Life

(Piazza Reale) Imaginni Sensibile

COS – Forest of Light / Sou FujimotoDesign Week-7591

(La Triennale di Milano) B&B Italia – The Perfect DensityDesign Week-7621

(Ventura Design District) The Modern Day OfficeIMG_7572.JPG

Foscarini Spazio BreraDesign Week-7191Nendo CollectionDesign Week-7196Panasonic

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