Andiamo a Turino!

Travel Tuesday is going strong. A few of my classmates and I went on another adventure this week and we chose Turin as our destination. About 2 hours away by train from Milan, we made it a point to wake up early in order to get there at 11am. 

Turin welcomed us with a sunny and slightly warm 40F degree weather. I was excited to see what Turin had to offer. We started our day at the Royal Palace of Turin, a palace that was constructed in the 16th century for the House of Savoy. Wondering from one room to another, I found myself going “OHHH” & “AHHHH” or “Wow”. Each room definitely lived up to what a palace entails because every detail was exquisite. Think red carpets with tall doors, ballrooms, high ceilings and/or gold sculptors. In 1997, it was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

After touring around The Royal Palace of Turin, we attempted to go to another museum and realized that most places were closed. In Milan, businesses are closed usually on Mondays but, I guess in Turin it’s on Tuesday. However, that never stopped us from exploring. We walked around everywhere. The weather helped because it stayed sunny the entire day motivating us to see as much as we could.

Somehow we found our way up Monte dei Cappuccini. It has one of the best views of Turin’s landscape. From here you can literally see the entire city. The walk up to this point was semi-difficult but, we made it and it was well worth the sweat. After sightseeing in this city all morning, we were beat and headed home.

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