Bergamo City

Highlights of Bergamo, Italy.

Since the beginning of this year, it felt like school was going 100mph without any breaks. Along the way, I caught the flu leaving me with 103 degrees fever and staying in bed for days. I’m happy to say that I’m glad that’s over now.

In celebrating the end of chaos, my classmates and I went yesterday for the day in Bergamo. We got lucky with the weather as it was warm and absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t have asked for a better day than what we had yesterday.

Early in the morning, we took a bus to Bergamo and later learned how hilly it was. We began our day with a walk up a hill to Castello San Vigilio. It was a pretty quiet morning with a good photo taking spot and a great view that was worth the hike. We didn’t spend too long before we made our way down to the main center.

As luck would have it, we stumbled upon the L’Apetitoso restaurant in the main center. We decided to have lunch here and ordered burgers, brisket, and polenta. We all had a pretty good appetite after our earlier walk to the castle.

Santa Maria Maggiore is another attraction you must visit in Bergamo. This is a basilica church with intricate details inside that you should see in person (free entry).

And before you knew it, we were back in Milan.

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