Bergamo, Italy

Since the beginning of this year, it felt like school was going 100mph without any breaks. Along the way, I caught the flu leaving me with 103 degrees fever and staying in bed for days. I’m happy to say that I’m glad that’s over now. In celebrating the end of chaos, my classmates and I went yesterday for the day in Bergamo. We got lucky with the weather as it was warm and absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t have asked for a better day than what we had yesterday.

bergamo11We started our day taking the bus and then, walking up a hill in uptown area of Bergamo. A local told us that Castello San Vigilio area was a must see for a good photo taking spot. Yes it was pretty hilly and a good walk but, the view was well worth it. bergamo.jpgbergamo20.jpgbergamo9.jpgbergamo4

This is us walking up the hill.IMG_5503.JPGThis is us walking down now from the hill. bergamo19IMG_5457.JPGLe Mura di Citta Altabergamo27.jpgLe Mura di Citta AltaIMG_5473.JPGbergamo13.jpgCity center: Piazza Vecchiabergamo22.jpgCity Center: Piazza Vecchiabergamo10.jpgCity Center:Piazza Vecchiabergamo5City Center:Piazza Vecchiabergamo6City Center:Piazza VecchiaIMG_5390.JPGCity Center: Piazza Vecchiabergamo17.jpgA local dessert. I thought it was too sweet but, it was good to try. It’s basically a cake with lots of sugar on the outside and then a bit of chocolate mousse inside. bergamo12.jpgbergamo7We stumbled upon L’Apetitoso restaurant in the city center because of their interesting interior. Then, we checked out their menu and next thing we knew we were having burgers, brisket and polenta. I’m glad this was one of those places we accidentally found because the meals were delicious.bergamo28.jpgbergamo8bergamo25.jpgYou must see the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. The interior is grand!bergamo21.jpgbergamo24.jpgbergamo26.jpgWe ended the day having an aperitivo.

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