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Snaps from Galleria D’Arte Moderna Milano

Every first Sunday of the month, a few of the museums in Milan are open to the public for free. I took advantage of the opportunity and hopped on to GAM for the day….cause, hey! It’s Sunday, the rain stopped and I had nothing better to do than to let my curious side do its thing.

The Galleria D’Arte Moderna Milano (GAM) consists of 19th century art works located in Via Palestra. If you expected lavish designs, chandeliers, or to see sculptors then, you came to the right place. Besides Picasso’s work, I particularly liked the overall femininity depictions in a lot of the paintings and sculptors I saw. IMG_5554.JPGHow long do you think it took to create these details?IMG_5581.JPGI like the light and dainty this sketch portrays. Looking at this makes me feel the artist’s strength when he held the pencil in his hand. Bravo!IMG_5566.JPGPicasso: This one caused traffic in the room 😉IMG_5543.JPGmuseum.jpgIMG_5550.JPGIMG_5548.JPGIMG_5551.JPGIMG_5557.JPGOur favorite room.IMG_5562.JPGIMG_5580.JPGIMG_5583Well, it doesn’t take a genius to say that when a reputable museum is free, it will usually attract a huge crowd. When we arrived the line to get in was a bit overwhelming. It looped all the way around the building but, I’m glad we waited. It didn’t take too long (approx. 15 minutes) to make it inside.IMG_5584GAM11.jpgGAM13.jpg

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