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Triennale di Milano

As part of my “new years resolution”, I’ve made it a goal in the next few months to stay focused in school. Traveling, for now, is set on pause. However, even though I’m staying local, Milan has kept me inspired. I went to Triennale di Milano today and I found myself motivated. The interpretations, emotions, to the different colors, sketchings or displays made me want to pick up a paper and start drawing.

IMG_5112IMG_5151IMG_5144IMG_5072IMG_5179IMG_5085.jpgIMG_5070IMG_5068.jpgIMG_5075IMG_5084.jpgIMG_5073.JPGIMG_5057.jpgIMG_5062.JPGIMG_5054.jpgIMG_5154.jpgIMG_5097.jpgIMG_5090.jpgIMG_5094.jpgIMG_5155.jpgIMG_5098.jpgIMG_5106.jpgIMG_5104.JPGimage (1) copy.jpegimage copyimage.jpegimage

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