Santa Caterina Valfurva

Last weekend, I was invited to go to the mountains. Of course, I happily agreed even though, I didn’t know exactly where we were going….but, hey, I’m always up for an adventure.

We headed north, about 2 hours away from Milan and by golly gosh, we ended up here in a small and cute town of Santa Caterina.  Yes, it was cold. I braved a 20 degree Fahrenheit temperature which, coming from California that **** is freezing.

We went did a bit of trekking in the woods. I swore to my friends that we would see some bears in the area but, they insisted there were none….it is quite funny, actually, because bears are non-existent here. What I really liked the most was how the snow was very pristine, white and the area was completely quiet. It felt as if we were in our own world. winter5.jpgIMG_4937winter111The boys loved the snow and were messing around throwing snow balls at each other. 

IMG_4941.jpgSomeone was tired after our climb up in the mountains. 
IMG_4946.jpgIt was super quiet up here. Definitely a great place to come if you want to get away from the city life.winter2winter88IMG_4989.JPGwinter6.jpgwinter1

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