Amsterdam Diary

At last, our winter trip ended and what a better way to spend it in Amsterdam. When we arrived in the city, I was excited. I felt like a kid who was eager to get out and see what the city had to offer.First, I wanted to share with you the hotel we stayed in. It was a tiny room but, the interior decor and the terrace sold me. On the wall, there were outlines of hand-made embroideries of the city. I thought the designers really put thought into the design and making the theme of the room authentic. As artistic types, my friends and I truly enjoyed it.

As for the rest of our trip, we spent time sightseeing through the canals, eating, trying different cafe’s, seeing the Anne Frank museum and stopping by the Rijksmuseum. It was a blissful trip that I would want to do over again.IMG_4598IMG_4601.jpgIMG_4603IMG_4599IMG_4600.jpgIMG_4709.jpgIMG_4609IMG_4626 copyamsterdam3.jpgamsterdam7.jpgamsterdam6.jpgamsterdam34.jpgRijksmuseumIMG_4759 copy.jpgIMG_4760 copy.jpgIMG_4723 copy.jpgamsterdam30.jpgIMG_4805.jpgBeginjnhofamsterdam28.jpgVegabond CafeIMG_4841.jpgVan Stapele KoekmakerijIMG_4683 copyIMG_4686 copy.jpgIMG_4690 copy.jpgIMG_4699 copy.jpgamsterdam25.jpgBeginjnhofamsterdam26.jpgIMG_4815 copy.jpgamsterdam14.jpgamsterdam35.jpgamsterdam15.jpgamsterdam8.jpgCroquette dish from The Lobby Restaurant and BarIMG_4856IMG_4858Overlooking the Amstel RiverIMG_4857IMG_4859amsterdam31.jpgamsterdam16.jpgamsterdam32.jpgOutside our hotelamsterdam19.jpgamsterdam17.jpgamsterdam13amsterdam18.jpgamsterdam12.jpg


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