Visiting Berlin, Germany

My friends and I traveled to Berlin for four days. Berlin has been on my top ten list of cities to visit in Europe for quite some time. From what I’ve seen, the art scene is incredible. Apart from its history, there is a wealth of design and art to explore.

Things To Do

Brandenburg Gate:
This 18th century neoclassical triumphal art represents the unity of Germans today. We ended up at this location several times as it is a central location for everything. From this view, you can see the Hotel Aldon, a very exclusive hotel where Michael Jackson stayed and had that bizarre baby story. To the right is Starbucks. From here on, you’ll be able to visit many different spots.

The Dome:
It was on my list of things to do in Berlin. I read a few things about Berlin before our trip and made reservations to see The Dome. Reservations are needed as waiting times can be as long as two hours. Only disadvantage was that our reservation time slot was at night, so we could not see the city. If you can, do this during the day.

In any case, it was amazing to see the interior design and its structure especially since it was free to enter.

Alexander Platz:
Shop at the Alexander Platz area. There are tonze of shopping stores around here and most of them are affordable. Between the TV tower and the building on the above photo is a mini playground. We discovered this spot while waiting for my friend and we ended up jumping on one of the mini trampolines attached
to the ground. 

Go up The TV Tower
We did not get a chance to do this but, I could already see how the view would be magnificent from the top.

Berlin Wall:
One of the things I enjoyed was The Berlin Wall. It’s basically an open-air gallery with mounts of colorful, interesting and unique graffitis that you can view on a wall. My friends and I spent a good 2 full hours here on our first day. We took photos and looked at the different artworks. Here are some of my favorite pieces below.

If you don’t already know, 
The Berlin Wall was a divider to keep people from immigrating to the west side. First, they started by placing the barb wires and then, the wall was built. They say, there are about 5,075 people who escaped and they were usually the ones from the first few weeks before the wall was created. The wall eventually fell in 1989.

Oberbaum Bridge:
Here, you’ll see the Oberbaum Bridge. It was built in 1895 which, linked the two districts Kreuzberg & Friedrichshain. We walked through here to get to The Berlin Wall. We came at the right time that day. It wasn’t too cold nor was it raining.

Brandenburg Gate:
The Brandenburg Gate was an 18th century neoclassical triumphal art which, today symbolise German’s unity. We ended up in this location several times as, it is a central area for everything. To the left side from this view is Hotel Aldon, a very exclusive hotel where, Michael Jackson stayed in and had that weird baby scenario happen. To the right from this view is Starbucks. You can hit a lot of spots from here on.

Checkpoint Charlie:
At some point, we made a quick stop at Checkpoint Charlie. During the Cold War, this was the main entry and a departing point. Today, you will see uniformed men standing in the middle of the street (see above photo) “role-playing”. Of course, the photos and the soldiers are all fake. The originals are kept elsewhere.

The Memorial Site:
Created in 2005, the site is made of blocks at different levels and to this day, its significance remains unknown. No
one really knows why the designer created the blocks the way it is. It’s left for the person looking into it to have their own interpretation so, there’s no right or wrong answer.

Afterwards, go to the free museum below the site. It goes over the history of the holocaust. Depending on the time, you might have to wait in line to get in. Although, it is worth the wait.

For a nice walk and view, go to Lustgarten. It’s a picturesque spot and a perfect route to get away from the crowd.

Alexander Weihnachtsmarkt:
Be prepared for crowds and lots of drinking & eating. This is near the mall so, it’s bound to be pact of people.

Wonder through
The Mall of Berlin. 

Do a free walking tour. Berlin is rich in history and arts, you will get a better understanding about the past or get a gest of what others had to say about the city.

Where to Eat

Eat at one of the outdoor markets and watch kids ice-skate or, order a local hot chocolate here. You won’t regret it.

Make a reservation and eat at Zimt & Zurker Kaffee Haus. They have a fantastic breakfast selection.

Take a break at The Digital Eatery

Enjoy a good salad with steak for dinner at Fleischerei Restaurant.

A few things to note: 
We flew in to Tegen Airport and we took a bus to get to the city center which took about 45-60 minutes long.

I say, the transportation is very reliable in Berlin. We never had issues with it and we bought the Welcome Card pass that was good to use for 5 days on any transportation in the city. Also, you only need to have it stamped once and the rest of the time you can just hop on or off. The cost is about 35 euros. It can be purchased at the information booth at the airport when you arrive or in one of the ticket machines.


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