Experience the Best of Zurich: Stunning Views, Delicious Food and Great Adventures Part 1

The city of Zurich is a beautiful blend of history, culture and modernity. From the moment we stepped off the train at HB station, we could feel the energy and vibrancy of the city. Being a language lover, I was fascinated by the fact that Switzerland has four different languages spoken across its regions. As we walked through the streets of Zurich, I could hear the melodic German being spoken around us, and it was a treat for my ears.

V and I decided to forego taking the metro and instead, walked everywhere to truly immerse ourselves in the city. We explored the tourist hotspots, but also discovered hidden gems that only locals would know about. On our last day, we took a walking tour that I found online, and it was a game-changer. Our guide Maria was incredibly knowledgeable and gave us insights into the city’s history that we never would have known otherwise.

Walking through the streets of Zurich with Maria was a fantastic way to end our trip. I highly recommend taking a walking tour to anyone visiting the city, especially if you want to truly get to know the place beyond just the usual tourist spots. It added an extra layer of depth to our experience and made the whole trip that much more interesting.


Grossmünster is a magnificent architectural marvel that sits on the banks of the Limmat River in Zurich. As we made our way to the entrance, we couldn’t help but marvel at the intricate bronze door that was adorned with beautiful designs by Otto M. Our excitement grew as we climbed the 187 steps to reach the top, the views from the top were breathtaking. The entrance fee was around 5 euros, which was well worth the climb.

The Grossmünster is a stunning example of Romanesque style architecture, with its stone walls and vaulted ceilings, it exudes a sense of grandeur and timelessness. The intricate details on the walls and the stained glass windows add to the beauty of the building. The views from the top of the tower were breathtaking, we could see the entire city of Zurich laid out before us. The Limmat river snaked through the city and the Alpine mountains stood tall in the distance, it was a sight to behold.

We spent a good amount of time exploring the inside of the church, taking in the history and the art that adorned the walls. The Grossmünster is a must-visit destination for anyone visiting Zurich, it’s a beautiful blend of history, architecture, and stunning views. The 5 euros entrance fee is a small price to pay for such an unforgettable experience.

The Limmat River is a stunning natural wonder that runs through the heart of Zurich. The river is a hub of activity, with boats and kayaks gliding along its tranquil waters, and people enjoying a leisurely stroll along the banks. But what sets the Limmat River apart is the annual swimming event that takes place here.

Once a year, the river is opened to swimmers, and it is a chance for the bravest and most adventurous to test their mettle against the currents of the Limmat. The event is organized by the city and is open to all, with a 25 franc entrance fee. The event is a sight to behold, as hundreds of swimmers take to the water, many in costume, to swim the 1.4 km course from the lake to the city center.

The Limmat River is a unique swimming experience. The current is strong enough to float you down the river, which means you don’t have to put in too much effort to swim. The water is also very clean, so you can enjoy the view of the city as you float along. It’s an experience that I highly recommend for anyone visiting Zurich. It’s a chance to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the city and take part in a unique cultural tradition.

River view from Rotisserie Hotel ZumS.
River view from Rotisserie Hotel ZumS.

Old Town(Altstadt)

St. Peter Church

St. Peter Church is a grand architectural masterpiece that sits majestically in the heart of Zurich. The church is known for its impressive size and its striking clock tower that stands tall above the city. The clock tower is home to the largest clock face(s) in Europe, and it’s a sight to behold. The clock is so large that it can be seen from almost every corner of the city, making it impossible to be late while in Zurich.

As we approached the church, the clock tower loomed above us, its intricate carvings and sculptures adorning its walls. The clock face is enormous, measuring 8.7 meters in diameter, and it is illuminated at night, making it a beautiful sight to see. The clock is also a marvel of engineering, with its intricate mechanism that keeps perfect time, and its chimes that ring out across the city, marking the passing of each hour.

Inside the church, the grandeur and opulence of the architecture took our breath away. The ornate frescoes, the intricate carvings, and the stunning stained glass windows all added to the beauty of the church. St. Peter Church is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Zurich. It’s a perfect blend of history, architecture, and engineering, and a testament to the skill and creativity of the people who built it.


Zurich is a city that prides itself on the quality of its water and its commitment to cleanliness. One of the best examples of this is the water fountains that are scattered throughout the city. The water that flows from these fountains is some of the purest and freshest you will ever taste, and the city pays a significant amount of money to ensure that it stays that way. The water is so clean and safe to drink, that locals and tourists alike can drink straight from the fountains without a second thought.

As we walked through the streets of Zurich, we came across a charming little street called Recongasse St. where we found a sculpture of a cow named Heidi. The sculpture is a beloved local icon and is a nod to the city’s strong agricultural heritage. The street is also home to a hotel where you can find some of the best fondue in town. Although V & I decided to try other places, it was a great spot to know about for those who are looking for a traditional Swiss fondue experience.

The food and drink in Zurich are exceptional, and the water fountains are a testament to the city’s commitment to quality. Even the little details like the cow sculpture and the hotel on Recongasse St. all add to the charm and character of the city. It’s these small touches that make Zurich a special place to visit and we were so pleased to have discovered them.


When visiting Zurich, be sure to check out the Freitag flagship store in Zurich West. This unique store is not your typical shopping destination, it’s a one-of-a-kind recycled freeway store that is made entirely out of shipping crates stacked on top of each other. The building is a sight to behold, with its towering walls made of reclaimed materials, it stands out in the former industrial district of Zurich West.

As we approached the store, we were struck by the sheer scale of the building, it was truly impressive. The crates that make up the walls are all different sizes and colors, giving the building a unique and quirky aesthetic. As we walked into the store, we were greeted by a friendly staff member who gave us a quick tour of the store. The ground floor was filled with a wide range of bags and accessories made from recycled materials. It was interesting to learn about the story behind each product and the sustainable approach of the brand.

The most exciting part of the visit was the rooftop terrace where we could take a bird’s-eye view of the district from 85 feet above the ground. The view was breathtaking, we could see the entire city spread out before us, with the industrial district to one side and the sprawling city on the other. We could see the Limmat river snaking through the city, and the Alpine mountains in the distance. It was truly an amazing experience and a great way to end our visit to the store.

Freitag’s flagship store is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Zurich. It’s not only a shopping destination but also a great place to learn about sustainable practices and get a panoramic view of the city. It’s a perfect blend of innovation, creativity and environmental responsibility.

More information here http://www.freitag.ch/media/stores/zurich

One of the most exciting experiences we had during our trip to Zurich was the boat ride on the Limmat river. As we boarded the boat, we were filled with anticipation and excitement, ready to take in the sights and sounds of the city from a unique perspective. As we set off, the boat glided smoothly along the river, and we were treated to stunning views of the city’s skyline.

The boat ride took us around the river for 2 hours, and we were initially delighted with the views of the city on a clear day. However, as we ventured further south along the river, the clouds began to roll in, and the visibility started to decrease. The boat ride was still enjoyable, but we were disappointed that we didn’t get to see as much of the city as we had hoped. So, we learned that it is important to do the boat ride on a clear day, in all parts of the lake, otherwise, you won’t see anything.

After the boat ride, we decided to explore the indoor and outdoor markets that are scattered throughout the city. These markets are a must-see destination for anyone visiting Zurich. They are bustling with locals and visitors alike, and they offer a wide variety of food and goods to choose from. The indoor market at HB Station is a great spot to pick up some fresh produce and other local delicacies. The outdoor markets are equally as exciting, where we found a cozy restaurant and had a delicious meal. It was a great way to end our day, sampling different types of food and chatting with the locals.

Overall, the boat ride and markets were a fantastic way to experience the city and its culture. It’s a great way to get a sense of what Zurich is all about and to discover some of the hidden gems that you might not find anywhere else. It’s a must-do for anyone visiting the city, and it’s a memorable experience that will stay with you long after your trip is over.


As our trip to Zurich came to an end, we couldn’t help but reflect on all the delicious food we had enjoyed during our stay. From the cheesy fondue to the fresh produce at the market, we had spent most of our time munching on everything that caught our eye. One thing is for sure, if you come to Zurich, make sure you come hungry because you’ll be eating a lot.

Switzerland is a neutral country, and its capital is Bern, which is located in the center of the country. However, it’s important to note that Switzerland does not have an official capital, and Bern is considered as the de facto capital.

Our trip to Zurich was an unforgettable one, filled with stunning views, delicious food, and great experiences. The city is a perfect blend of history, culture and modernity. We recommend visiting the St. Peter Church, the Limmat River and the Freitag flagship store, and taking a boat ride on a clear day. Don’t forget to try the famous Swiss fondue and explore the indoor and outdoor markets. You’ll be sure to find something that appeals to you. We hope you get a chance to visit this beautiful city and create your own memories.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UYdSfNqXBA&w=560&h=31

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