Zurich, Switzerland – Part 1

What is the capital of Switzerland? Did you guess? See the answer at the bottom of this post. No cheating 😉

Last week, V & I took advantage of the long weekend and headed to Zurich for 4 days. We took the train from Centrale and hopped off in a mere 4 hours at HB station in Zurich. 

Honestly, I didn’t know much about Switzerland in general when I arrived except, it’s a wealthy country and that it is divided into 4 different areas with 4 different languages (1 side speaks Italian, 1 speaks French, 1 German & the other Dutch Romansh- correct me if, I’m wrong ;). Zurich’s main language is German. Luckily, we had 4 days to wonder off and really get a feel of what Zurich is about.


While in Zurich, V & I skipped taking the metro altogether and instead we walked everywhere. We saw pretty much all of the “touristy” spots and then some. That’s why on our last day, we decided to do a walking tour in hopes of getting to know the city better relating to its history. I googled online (http://www.freewalkzurich.ch/) and found a free walking tour which, turned out to be fantastic.

The tour took about an hour and a half through the main parts of Zurich. Our guide, Maria, covered areas that V & I missed and included some background insights that we would never have known if, it wasn’t for this walking tour. I highly suggest doing this, especially, for a small town like Zurich. It makes the experience that much more interesting.

Grossmünster: we walked up 187 steps to see this view. Entrance fee is around 5 euros.zurich5.jpg
The entrance door of Grossmünster made out of bronze with details designed by Otto M.
The building is a Romanesque style architecture.zurich8.jpgLimmat River – you can swim here once a year for 25 franc. For those who are brave and are willing to try this out, there’s no need to put that much effort in swimming as the current is strong enough to float you down the river.

River view from Rotisserie Hotel ZumS.
River view from Rotisserie Hotel ZumS.

Old Town(Altstadt)

St. Peter Church

St. Peter Church – The largest clock face(s) in Europe. It appears in every corner of Zurich so, you can never be late.

fountain.jpgGo ahead and drink the water from the water fountains. Zurich pays a lot of money to keep it clean. zurich19.jpgThe infamous Heidi, the cow on Recongasse St.zurich22.jpgYou can find your typical fondue food here. V & I went elsewhere but, you can get it at this hotel too.zurich20.jpgzurich21.jpgFreitag.jpgSee Freitag’s (individual recycled freeway store) flagship location in Zurich West. The building is made out of crates on top of each other and at the very top (85 feet above ground) you can see a bird’s eye view of the former industrial district of Zurich.
More information here http://www.freitag.ch/media/stores/zurich
waterOne day we went on a boat ride that took us around the river for 2 hours. At first, it looked like we would get a good view of the city on a clear day. Sadly, the more we went south of the river, the less we saw anything. Make sure to do the boat ride on a clear day in all parts of the lake. Otherwise, you won’t see anything.The indoor and outdoor markets are the best. All the locals come to it and you will find different types of food to choose from.

Indoor markets at HB Station (top image) / At a restaurant in one of the outdoor markets.

market2Come to Zurich hungry because you’ll be eating a lot. V & I probably spent most of our time munching on everything we thought looked appealing which is, almost everything. The fondue was tasty! Switzerland is a neutral country. Its capital is Bern or no capital at all.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UYdSfNqXBA&w=560&h=31

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  1. You knew, you were wrong. 😉 In Switzerland they don’t speak Dutch. 😉 Along with the languages you’ve mentioned (German, French & Italian) they speak Romansh language (ger. Rätoromanisch).

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