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The Hot Chocolate Debate

I messed up big time yesterday. I debated posting this story but, I hope someone learns from my mistake.

Since I arrived in Italy, I’ve encountered the “hot chocolate” scenario where, I ordered one thinking I would get a regular cup (like Starbucks style) that would last me a couple of sips. Nope.

A “hot chocolate” in Italy simply doesn’t exist. Instead, if you order a “hot chocolate”, you’re ordering what they call “Cioccalata” here. It is basically real chocolate served on a tea cup about half-way filled (like the feature image example). It costs about 2-3 euros which is, a lot more than getting a cappuccino or espresso. Usually, the Cioccalata is accompanied with milk (emphasis on usually as some restaurants charge you extra for ordering one). Of course, a substitution for milk is to get water and drink it after the Cioccalata or take the Cioccalata as is.

Now, if you do decide to drink the Cioccalata as is, you’re basically gulping down a thick liquid. Usually, I always end up feeling thirsty after drinking one.

Anyway, yesterday during lunch with my classmates, I was craving a “hot chocolate” but, I wasn’t feeling up to drinking Cioccalata by itself. The thought of gulping down a chunk of chocolate in my mouth just wasn’t appealing that day. Out of no where, someone from the group suggested to add water. I thought, “What a brilliant idea!” So, I decided to pour water in my Cioccalata cup. Because half of my classmates are Italians and clearly, did not hear or understood what I was about to do. The minute I started pouring water in my cup, they made a huge gasped that I, myself, became terrified of what I had just done.

Shame on me. I apparently, created the biggest mistake any foreigners could ever make in Italy. Do not ever mix water with your Cioccalata and never ever do it in front of Italians.

2 responses to “The Hot Chocolate Debate”

  1. There are so many rules about what you can and can’t do or drink or eat here and at what time, it’s ridiculous. Nobody cares what you do in the UK. I just do whatever I want and to hell with it. My friends still try to give me “advice” and I usually just tell them where to go. They just chalk it up to me being Welsh. After two years, I no longer care!


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