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Hop On & Hop Off Bus Ride in Milan, Italy

If I was given a magical power, I would be a superwoman. Lately, my school schedule has been intense. Between my courses and group projects, we also have conferences leaving little time for anything.

My friend V, invited me to go on the Hop On and Hop Off bus ride around the city this Saturday. Of course, I jumped on the opportunity. It was a perfect break for me but, also to get to know the city a bit more. We hopped on about 10am and took 3 different lines for their 1-day pass. The cost was 22 euros & don’t forget the “red” color receipt. They are anal about showing this when you hop on to another line, regardless, of whether you have a credit card receipt or not.

milanmilan2Casa AC Milan: I adore this architecture and everything that it represents. It is one of the few places that I need to officially visit and spend a longer time to get a full experience of the interior and exterior. Base on my research, they have a ton of interactive technologies that to me, is worth visiting.  http://www.acmilan.com/en/news/show/152645milan4.jpgRegional Lombardiamilan3.jpgRandom dolls on a wall. Can we say creepy-cool or just creepy?milan5.jpgmilan6milan7.jpg

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