November Update

Here I am, going on my 2nd month living abroad. A few hiccups yet, I’m running full speed trying to see what Italy has to offer. Last weekend I saw Verona, a city that’s been waiting to be crossed off my list. I still clearly remember walking through Castelvecchio, not knowing what to expect but, I felt excited and curious. There were people walking through the same path, passing through the castle as if, it was just another day with someone playing a guitar in the background. The sun had already gone down at this point, leaving only a stint of illumination in a picturesque background. I propped myself on the side of the bridge and I looked out into the water. The air was cool, around 58 degrees I presumed. It’s hard to believe that last year coming to Europe was just an idea, a thought of the possibilities and now, I’m here having seen a few places that I never have been able to do. I was exactly where I wanted to be.


This weekend, I’m off to the opposite side of Verona closer to the water since, it’s weather appropriate. Until next time…

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Explorer looking for great views, food and interesting stories. A traveler for over 8 years with 1 year stint in Italy.

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