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Verona, Italy Main Square

Verona, Italy

Happy Halloween! On a day like today (in the U.S.), I would normally be getting ready for my Halloween costume and getting ready for a huge party at night. The difference this year is that I am in Europe; instead, my school friends and I went to Verona, a city known for Romeo and Juliet. 

Verona has been on my list of things to do in Italy for quite some time. Its history and architecture drew me most, but generally I wanted to explore. Our day began late and we arrived in Verona by train around 3pm. The fact that there are trains departing every 20 minutes from Milan’s Centrale Station was very convenient for me. For us, the station is easily accessible and close to where we all live. Also, there are many shops and restaurants located at the train station, which is convenient if you are waiting for your train.

As soon as we arrived in Verona, V and I walked towards the center since we are always drawn to the center of any new place we visit. In the middle of that square, called Piazza delle Erbe, you’ll find a ton of restaurants, a mini market and a great place for people watching. Tourists and locals alike walked briskly in and out of the center. It was also evident that dogs were popular in the city, as they roamed everywhere.

The downside to coming in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday with good weather is the crowd. Walking through the streets was like going to a concert in a crowd. It was impossible to avoid them since they were everywhere.

We made our way to see Romeo and Juliet’s balcony where we entered through a small alley and into an entrance way where tourists gathered. Also, you can book an airbnb at this place. Perfect for a romantic Valentine’s Day celebration with your significant other.


As the sun set, the temperature dropped. It became very, very cold. I ordered a chocolate milk with a side of cookies in a small cup. The fact that this chocolate milk contains real chocolate is what I liked best about it. It is very rich and thick, so you have to drink it very slowly. Thus ends my day in Verona.

Did my heart love till now?

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