Experience the architectural marvel of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

As we made our way to Pisa on our Sienna trip, I couldn’t contain my excitement to finally lay eyes on the famous Leaning Tower. As we arrived, I was greeted with the sight of throngs of tourists milling about the small piazza, cameras in hand. Despite the crowds, I made my way up to the top of the building, my heart pounding with anticipation. The climb to the top was a bit of a workout, but the views from the top were worth it. The iconic tower stood tall and proud, its unmistakable lean a testament to its architectural and engineering marvels. The surrounding area was smaller than I had imagined, but the tower itself was even more impressive in person. Despite the crowds, it was a memorable experience and I’m glad we made the stop on our way back to Milan.

As I stepped inside the Pisa, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of disorientation. The tower, known for its iconic lean, created an uncanny sensation as I walked through the entrance. The floor beneath me seemed to tilt and shift, making me feel unsteady on my feet. It was a strange feeling, as if I was on a boat in rough waters. But as I began to ascend the stairs, the sensation dissipated and I was able to fully take in the grandeur of the tower. The intricate details of the marble floors and arches, the echo of footsteps and chatter from other visitors, all added to the unique experience of being inside the leaning tower of Pisa.


There’s a central building where you can purchase the ticket (behind the PISA) if, you want to go up the Pisa monument. You can buy it on the spot when you get there but, remember the time is allotted. You may have to wait for the next group for a particular hour who, are allowed to go up the monument. The other option is buying it online prior to your arrival. Be sure to research the particulars first and don’t be late.

The ticket itself is a combined price. That means you’re paying for going up the Pisa monument + the Cathedral. I did not see any single tickets just for the Pisa monument alone. It might be different online. Be sure to check.


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