Siena, Italy – Part 2

Believe it or not but, our staycaytion in Siena was at a campsite. Prior to our trip, we looked at hostels and places that were much closer to the main center in Siena but, we couldn’t find anything within our budget. Of course, our situation was different because we did everything at the last minute ;/ 

Anyway, as luck would have it, we found these rooms that were built like a mobile home. It was small but, it had everything we needed from the shower, beds, to a proper closet and parking. Overall, it was comfortable, clean and ideal for last minute booking and for a 2 night stay. I suggest, if you stay here, to bring your own towel (they provided a small one) and of course, your necessary items like toothpaste and shampoo.

The name of the place was called Chalet in City Garden. It was about a 15 min. bus ride to the center that cost around 2.24 euros per individual which, can be purchased at the main office. The bus is located a block down from the campsite and it drops you off at the center but, you need to go to the main bus station to catch one on the way back.

There’s a small market and a restaurant at the main entrance which, was convenient. The park closes at 8:30 therefore, if you return after that time you need to park outside the property. Don’t worry, there are spots near the premises that you can easily find.

From my last post, all of you saw that Siena is awesome during the daytime but, don’t forget that Siena is also just as good at night. We actually arrived late on a Friday night and had a chance to wonder around the center after dinner. I was surprised how quiet Siena was at night but, it was perfect for us to get to know the area well and generally, see the main center.

The video above was actually taken on a Saturday night which, completely depicted a different atmosphere compare to our Friday night in the center. There were a lot of youngsters gathering around socializing, dancing to live music, drinking and simply having a good time. I highly suggest coming here for everything; the history, sightseeing or a simple weekend getaway. It’s worth it.

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