I survived my first week of school. Yeah!

All of my professors each day are different and they all currently work within the digital field which, is very cool. Base on the introduction this week, I can already see that I will learn and grow a lot professionally this year. Everyone comes from different backgrounds (both students and professors) and/or have worked in various places which, provides a growing experience for me. I hope at the end of it all that the school will provide me with something completely different than what I knew back in the states. Uniqueness, new ideas, different perspectives and many other reasons, are all part of why I came to Europe and why I decided to pursue this Masters program.

Thus far, the class is comprised of 12 students who, all come from different parts of the world; Columbia, Russia, Argentina and India to name a few. Most speak more than one language and some have interesting professional backgrounds that I never thought was even possible. Since, we all come from different backgrounds, I’m interested to see what ideas and/or how designs will look once we actually start working on projects.

I’ll keep yeah posted.


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