Siena Square

Taking a stroll in Siena, Italy.

Siena was everything I expected and more. You immediately feel the history of this city the minute you walk in to town. It’s hard not to with those narrow brick walls and cobblestones that seemed to keep going in every corner you go. If that wasn’t enough, you will definitely feel it when you find yourself in the middle of the town-square. It was one of my favorite part of Siena because people can sit in the middle of the square, enjoying the sun while they ate, drank and socialized.

Piazza Del Campo (town square) 

We walked around the main center, which was bustling with tourists, locals and families. Naturally, I stopped at Brutto Ma Buono for a delicious cup of gelato. A cup of gelato in hand, we made our way down the narrow alleys where we came across a mini parade with a group of boys playing drums. The boys were quite entertaining. 

Several corners later, we came across Siena Cathedral. Built sometime during the 14th century, it features striped black and white details with a pyramid shaped roof, reflecting the Romanesque style. As soon as we stepped inside this church, I was captivated by its beauty. 

For tickets to the Duomo and the museums, you must go to the ticket center. There is only one place that sells tickets and it is near the Duomo. You can’t miss it because there is a line outside the building, and it is literally right around the corner from it. The tickets can be purchased individually for each point of interest or in a bundle. Bundles cost between 15-20 euros and singles cost between 5-10 euros.

To be continued…

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