October Getaway

Hey Guys,

The weekend is upon us. Yay! I know you’re excited, I hope.

Anyway, I’m heading out of the city to somewhere beautiful. I smirk as I write this post. The word “beautiful” seems to be underrated at this point, right? Everything I write, post or say on social media is considered “beautiful”. What can I say? Their really isn’t anything else to describe what I’ve witnessed in the last few experiences I’ve come across that is not, well, “beautiful.”

I’m sitting here in my room right now looking out the window and thought, maybe I’m an exception, to the fact that I don’t see architectures on a daily basis that dates back to say 14-16th century because, it simply doesn’t exist where I come from. But, I can’t help with the fact that I’ve been blown away with the sights of the Duomo, Brera and Lake Como….to name a few. I’m nearly completing 2 full weeks of living and being here in Milan. It’s unbelievable how much I’ve already seen and learned in this past few weeks. To think, I’m just getting started too 🙂

In less than an hour and a half, I’m heading out for another weekend excursion. I don’t want to reveal just yet where I’m going for safety reasons but, I promise it’s somewhere beautiful 😉 Have a kick ass weekend.


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