Moving In

The first day I arrived in my apartment I was curious. This was the first time I’ve ever confirmed on an apartment without seeing it first and basically base everything off of images. That’s what happens when you live far away and have to move in another country. You just hope for the best. It turns out, the room was decent and a good size despite that it wasn’t the correct room the agency had shown me from the photos.

One of the nice things about this apartment is that it is furnished. I didn’t have to worry about buying any furniture, kitchen utensils, rugs, etc. because all of the basic necessities were already provided. The best part of the apartment is having a balcony. At first I felt special but, it turns out every building in Milan has one and I guess, it serves its purpose as it is a spot where people hang and dry their clothes.  I can’t complain, the view ain’t so bad either.

IMG_0683movingin3There are a few things that I find odd or maybe just needs some getting used to. For example….movingin6What is this hole for?movingin7

At first I wasn’t sure if I had access to the balcony or if, that was possible at all. Then, I saw this wheel with a long tape that was attached next to the top of the curtains. I had no clue what that was until I asked my roommate and she showed me what to do with it. It’s basically a pull for the metal that you see in front of the curtain. I still don’t now what the metal is suppose to do except block the sun but, isn’t that why the curtain is there? lol


Then, there’s the lighting. For some odd reason all of the switch for the main lighting on the ceiling in each room are located outside the bedroom door. Why? I’m still wondering that myself.

So far those are a few things in my room I’ve been curious about but, I assume it has a lot to do with the history of the building and/or culture that I have no clue on (obvi).

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